Recommended Agile Books

During many years, I’ve been looking for a website like for books. I even thought about creating one myself. I never understand why amazon did not create such a website,  especially since they bought imdb. With their website they have all the needed data to do that. It should … Continue reading

Coding Horror

There are not so many blogs that I read all the archives once discovered. Jeff Atwood’s blog Coding Horror contains so many interesting articles that I did it. A lot of things about computers, software development. Some of my favorite posts talk about hiring developers (there are many), books, programming. During the … Continue reading

Rands in respose

Rands is a engineering manager in the silicon valley. He maintains a blog with great insights about management. Some of his writings were featured in the famous software bloggers book The Best Software Writing I: Selected and Introduced by Joel Spolsky He wrote two books: A sample from the “Rands Test” … Continue reading